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12 Month Conditioner. An interior conditioner especially formulated for waterbeds that helps keep water fresh and clean.



Buying a waterbed is a fantastic long term investment. A well maintained waterbed should last you far longer than any other type of bed. Spring mattresses lose their shape over time, leaving uncomfortable lumps and bumps. Waterbed mattresses don’t have this problem; you get the same even support all night, every night resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

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Back Pain

There are many misconception and myths surrounding the use of a water bed, including the idea that it does not provide sufficient back support. This misinformation appears to have its roots in the early days of the industry. Most modern beds of this type are as supportive as more traditional mattresses, however, although not all medical experts recommend them.


Waterbeds have several advantages over traditional beds:

  • The bed shapes exactly to the body, thus minimizing pressure, especially around the joints. Waterbeds remove pressure from the spine allowing the spinal muscles to fully relax. This can aid in the treatment of back pain for some individuals. In paralytic or movement-impaired people they can reduce the risk of bedsores.
  • It is impossible for dirt and dead skin particles to penetrate the water mattress, which can then be wiped periodically with a cloth and vinyl cleaner. The cover over the mattress can be regularly washed—thus virtually eliminating house dust mites in the bed. Dust mites can trigger asthma, eczema, and allergies in people sensitive to them.
  • Many modern waterbeds feature two mattresses so individual firmness and heat levels are possible.


Compared to the coil-spring construction of most standard mattresses, the inner support system of an old fashioned water bed seems much less supportive of the user’s lumbar region. The belief among traditional mattress manufacturers was that this type of bed did not hold the sleeper’s body in proper alignment. They held that the long-term results of water bed sleeping would be more frequent back problems.back

In reality, the water bed has proven itself to be just as supportive as most coil spring mattresses. The heavy duty vinyl mattress is usually compressed within the sturdy box frame, and various baffles and barriers can allow full wave action, semi-wave action, or no wave action at all. The water can be quite supportive but still allow for the give that a harder coil mattress might not.


Waterbeds offer the ultimate sleep experience.  A different concept of sleeping, difficult to describe, so come and try in store, many styles available, from stunning contemporary designs alongside the traditional styles we all love.


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We can supply everything you need to keep your waterbed in good working order, from conditioner to spare zip tops, we can even supply you with contact to your nearest waterbed engineer should you need your bed removing or dismantling.

Because we are a leading supplier of Aquastar Water beds we have first hand experience of everything a water bed has to offer, our support team are always at hand to help in any questions you may have, and are always here to guide you in the right purchase to suit your needs.


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