Mattresses – where do you start?

Forget what you’ve been told or seen advertised, come in with an open mind and try several different types of mattress. Latex, memory foam, sprung mattresses, a combination of the two, they all work in their own unique way and feel different.  Come and try for yourself.

So many mattresses and too much information.  Dream Merchants keeps it simple!  Come and try our mattresses and find what is comfortable for you. Find the mattress that is the correct or best mattress for you, regardless of technical specification.  Don’t get bogged down with the science, let Dream Merchants guide you through tthe minefield.  Trust our expertise to find you the perfect mattress.

Exclusive to Dream Merchants are a range of superior mattresses that have removeable and washable top covers. Washable at 60 degrees to kill dust mites and can be laundered in your own washing machine, this is the most hygienic mattress available. A bonus for any spillages or accidents. Simply unzip the thick quilted luxurious cover and replace with a spare one.


  Dream Merchants-Finding the right mattress for YOU.