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Discount Beds in Wirral covering Birkenhead, Liverpool and Merseyside


We spend one third of our life in bed (when we sleep 8 hours a night), so it should be a comfortable experience. It is important you have one that’s perfect for you, to prevent problems sleeping, which as we know can lead to so many different problems, as well as causing back, neck and hip issues.

When picking your bed, comfort is a big deal. Come down to our discount store on the Wirral, Merseyside, close to Birkenhead and Liverpool and try them out for yourself to see which is most comfortable for you. As far as the size goes, pick one that fits your (and your partner’s) body. It needs to be long enough and wide enough for both of you. A good mattress moves to fit the contours of your body. The best pick for a couple is to look at beds that allow you to adjust the firmness separately on each side.


Our performance mattresses have been designed after intensive research and listening to what you, the customer wants!

Our bed shop is on the Wirral, but we deliver our products around Birkenhead, Liverpool and Merseyside. The best way to see our wide range of beds

We are a supplier of beds in Merseyside and the Wirral. We offer a choice of many leading brands and bed sizes, as well as exclusive handmade beds and mattresses just for you, direct from the factory at discount prices.

As one of the leading suppliers of waterbeds and standard beds in the UK, we can offer you the very best in anything you need. From repair kits to bespoke waterbeds, our Wirral discount bed shop has it all and there is nothing we don’t know. We have a huge choice of colours and finishes to choose from and an even wider range of headboards, divan bed heights and storage options when you order from our exclusive luxury range at our Wirral showroom, near Birkenhead and Liverpool.



Metal Framed



Wood Framed

Electric beds